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Membership Subcommittee Gatherings

On 12th and 19th June 2021, the DOGA Membership Subcommittee connected S6 girls, who had just finished their DSE exams, with old girls studying at local and UK universities via Zoom. Six sharing sessions were held with a total of 60 attendees. S6 girls received valuable information on different university programmes. They also benefitted from the advice and insights generously shared by old girls regarding the important transition from secondary school to university.


 On 21st August 2021, a Zoom gathering for the Medic & Healthcare Group was hosted for old girls who are students, interns and practitioners in medicine and dentistry. With over 80 participants from a wide range of specialties, the breakout rooms were filled with chitchats, laughter and reflections on training, professional development, career paths, and work-life balance.