• Visual Impairment Experience Workshop

    On 13th March 2021, 18 old girls together with their children participated in the visual impairment workshop conducted by Cedar Workshop, a social enterprise established under the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired
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  • 15th Mentorship Program

    On 23rd January 2021, DOGA Membership Sub-committee hosted the kickoff for the 15th Mentorship Program on Zoom with over 100 mentors and mentees attended. Although the meeting was held virtually due to the pandemic, there
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  • Art Club CNY Peach Blossom Painting Workshop

    To welcome Chinese New Year, Art Club organised a Peach Blossom Painting Workshop on 6th Feb 2021. Prior to the session, participants received a set of materials including Chinese ink, paint, brushes, Shikishi board and
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  • Lok Fu Elderly Home Supplies Donation

    With the year-long COVID-19 pandemic, many elderly centres are critically affected. In January 2021, the Community Service Sub-committee donated daily hygiene necessities to the Helping Hand Hong Kong Bank Foundation Lok Fu Care Home, a
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  • Women’s Health Care Online Seminar

    The Social Sub-Committee invited TCM Doctor Cheung Chun Hoi to talk about women's health care <<女性健康體質 - 保健養生之道>> on 27th November 2020. Mr. Cheung is Assistant Professor of Practice, Clinical Division at Hong Kong Baptist University.
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News Updates

  • 1 DOGA: Calling for your help !
  • 2 Let There Be Peace On Earth - by Diocesan Graduate Singers
  • 3 Events Calendar
  • With the size of our DOGA family growing rapidly from year to year, the workload of the DOGA subcommittees have been increasing correspondingly. As our number of volunteers have been insufficient to support a growing membership, and especially appreciating the fresh ideas of younger alumnae, we now call for your help!

    Our alumnae are known to be blessed with many talents and networks. We are now in need of such talent in accounting knowledge, good writing skills, website knowledge, administration and business / manufacturing / legal networks, to be utilised towards servicing DOGA members and to keep it growing.

    If you think you can offer help in the above-mentioned skills, or any other ancillary areas to support us, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about your area of interest. Your participation would mean a lot to us.

    Do share your talents with DOGA!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • Diocesan Graduate Singers is excited to share with you their first virtual singing project to convey the message of "Peace". During times of difficulties, may peace be with you, so that you can see light through darkness; experience comfort through worries and develop strength through challenges. Peace be with you all!





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  • Upcoming Events

    2021: To be confirmed



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