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Welcome to the Hong Kong DOGA Website

Around March of 1998, Dr. Vivian Wong, the current President of DOGA, was interviewed by a Lower VI student for the 1997-1998 issue of Quest. She asked Dr. Wong whether DOGA had a website for alumnae communications. At that point, DOGA did not have an official website but Dr. Wong thought the idea was a one worth championing. Thereafter, things started to happen fast. The executive committee of DOGA gave a thumbs-up to the idea and Loretta Pang and Helen Shen, both from the University of Science and Technology, were recruited to lead this project.

A number of old girls chipped in to help - special thanks to Sheilah Cheng Chatjaval (class of 1978), Sandra Khoo (class of 1982), and Helen Wong (class of 1985) for looking after the technical and artistic aspects of setting up this site.

The main objectives of setting up the DOGA website are twofold: to facilitate communications among DGS alumni worldwide and to improve the dissemination of information about the school and alumni events organized by DOGA in Hong Kong, the Bay Area, London, Toronto, Vancouver and other places.

It is also our hope that the establishment of the DOGA website will inspire other old girls of the school to set up their own class pages so that they can maintain contacts with other classmates and feel that they are still part of the Diocesan family.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this site, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..