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Food Angel Food Supply Donation

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many low-income families and elderly are critically affected by this public health emergency. All charity food centres have suspended their hot meal services, and as a result, many families have lost access to their daily meals. In March, whilst speaking to Food Angel, our community service sub-committee found out that their rice supply could only last till 27th March and they would have no support afterwards.

Living out the Diocesan Girls' School motto of 「Daily Giving Service (勵志揚善)」, the Diocesan Old Girls' Association and some of its General Committee Members quickly pulled our resources together, and supported the rice supply to Food Angel 惜食堂 for 6 weeks (during the months of April and May). The rice packs were distributed to 150 low income families and 420 elderly in order to meet their immediate needs. We sincerely hope that our donation can make a difference in our community during this challenging time in Hong Kong.

As of the last week of April, hot meals have not been resumed yet. If you are interested in contributing to Food Angel's Food Rescue and Food Assistance Programs, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Food Angel 惜食堂 (www.foodangel.org.hk)
Food Angel is a food rescue and food assistance program launched in 2011 by Bo Charity Foundation with the mission of "Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love". The program rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items will then be prepared as nutritious hot meals in their central kitchens and be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.