DOGA Mentoring Program 2020


Since our program inception, we have helped nurture about 385 pairs of mentors / mentees.  Let's hear what our previous mentors and mentees have to say about the program:



… The warm familiarity felt when mentored by an old girl in an unfamiliar work place is priceless



… Great mentor, great advice, great mentoring



…Helpful even just with e-mailing



… Very useful program and caring mentor




The window of application for the fourteenth batch of DOGA Mentoring Program is now open!  This is a twelve month program for the mentor and mentee to form into a mutually agreed learning partnership based on the career interests of the mentees, which could be face to face meetings, phone conversations, email correspondence or other communication via social network!

We welcome existing DOGA members who have good career experience to be our Mentors and share their invaluable insights with our fellow members.


Benefits of Mentoring:

  • Learn new skills and competencies in a safe environment.
  • Choose your pace.  Expand your skills according to your schedule.
  • Expand your knowledge base.  Your mentor will not only provide support in your career development area but you would also have an opportunity to learn tips and best known methods.
  • Increase your network of contacts within the DOGA family.

To become a Mentee:

You must be an existing DOGA member who is currently in your undergraduate studies, or you have graduated for less than 2 years from college or university.   Priority of this program will be given to those members who have not participated in this Mentoring Program before.

Next Step:

If you are interested to participate in this meaningful program, please complete the relevant application form below, by 7 December 2019 (Sat).


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Your personal information will be kept in utmost confidentiality.  Once we have obtained your application, we will pair up mentor/mentee based on mentor's work experience/areas of professional expertise and mentee's desired career development area(s).  We target to inform you of the results by mid January 2020, and a briefing session will take place in the afternoon on 8 February 2020 (Saturday). Those with matched mentor/mentee pairs are expected to attend the briefing session save for extenuating circumstances. PLEASE SAVE THE DATE – 8 February 2020(Sat).


Your personal information will be kept in utmost confidentiality and in accordance with DOGA Privacy Policy (