Mary Chan

Katherine Wong of the sub-committee talked to Mary in November 2002 for this interview piece.

Now living in New York City, Mary Chan started practicing yoga 9 years ago, and has been a full time yoga teacher for 4 years, teaching classes at studios (among which is the famous Jivamukti Yoga Center), to corporate and private students. In 2002 she traveled to India and participated in the production of a series of yoga therapy videos. She was also seen modeling for last summer's line for 'Nuala', Christy Turlington's line of yoga wear for Puma.

Mary remembers best her 6 years spent at DGS with happy moments spent with her friends: making coconut sago pudding for the school bazaar; giving teacher nicknames; hanging out during lunch breaks; doing school projects and voluntary work together.

It was during these years that life-long friendships were cultivated. Even though she only gets to see her school friends once or twice a year, "they are so close to me they are like family, the kind of trust and understanding you can only find in people you've known for a long time."

Though she did not keep in touch with any of my teachers, Mary is very thankful to all of them: Mrs. Mary Chan, her computer teacher she adores the most, Mr. Mok Chiu Yu, her EPA teacher she respect and look up to the most - "up to this day, I am still reading Noam Chomsky."

Having been a DGS girl has equipped her with good language and communication skills, a fairly open and inquisitive mind, and a somewhat grounded personality. These traits have helped her adapt to living in different environments and interacting with people from different cultures. After graduation she went to the Soviet Union to teach English, then moved on to New York to study modern dance, then to Tibet, India. "The possibilities are endless."

All her traveling experiences since graduating from the London School of Economics has broadened and shaped her perspective in life and encouraged her to keep exploring. Her inspiration came from the people she met along the way - their kindness, generosity, the stories of their lives.

For this, she considers herself successful - even only by her own standards: to be healthy, happy, to live a pretty balanced life, and to love how she spends her time - her search continues.

"To question, to challenge what seems to be the accepted value system of the society. To not be complacent, to be aware, to live a conscious life. My advice is - follow your heart, be responsible of your own action, never regret what you did/didn't do."