Interview with Virginia Fung - from Hockey to Children

A recipient of the C.J. Symons Scholarship, Virginia Fung (class of 1990) has spent thirteen years at DGS since Primary One and is now a dedicated full-time mother of two. Audrey Chen and Andrea Lai of DOGA's Editorial Subcommittee interviewed her on March 23, 2007.


Seated together in a café in Exchange Square Central, the chit-chat began in no time as we started to talk about our old school days. Virginia recalled vividly the fun moments that were spent with her class teachers. She remembered that on April Fool's Day of her Form 3 year, her class mischievously placed hair gel on one of their teacher's chair and put lots of chalk on the chalk duster. Mrs. Lamsam who taught English then fell into the trap, but not only was she not angry with the girls' 『naughty' intentions, she welcomed more pranks and even agreed to the girls' request to treat the whole class to drinks! Another incident was with Mrs. Stella Lau who taught Virginia psychology. Mrs. Lau advised her class that when looking for a husband, they should find someone who has similar cultural and religious background and with compatible lifestyles. Mrs. Lau also shared with the girls about how meticulous wedding preparations could be. When Virginia got married, she then understood Mrs. Lau's words and realised that DGS teachers taught more than knowledge from the books - they also shared valuable life experiences.



My days at DGS


After completing Form 7 at DGS, Virginia studied at Hong Kong University's (HKU) Faculty of Arts with a major in geology. She recognised that DGS has prepared her well to meet the academic challenges of HKU's undergraduate curriculum. Apart from her academic strengths, Virginia has a passion for various sports. In addition to being the field hockey team captain at HKU, Virginia also represented the school's rowing team. Under her leadership, the HKU team defeated the Chinese University (CUHK) team and finally put an end to CUHK's grand slam in 1995. During her previous years at DGS, Virginia was the field hockey team captain and has fond memories of how the team enjoyed cold lemon soda treated by Ms. Clark after winning hockey matches. As the House Captain of Skipton, Virginia also led the House to victory in interhouse sports competition. She is still an avid player in both field hockey and netball, and she is thankful to DGS for giving her the opportunity to develop these sports skills which she can enjoy and develop later on in life. Virginia was on the Hong Kong Hockey National Squad for two years and now continues to play for a private sports club. She is also an active member of the DOGA netball team.


Rowing competition at HKU


Hong Kong Hockey National Squad


After graduating from HKU, Virginia joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Hong Kong as Brand Manager for nine years, two of which were spent in Taiwan. Upon returning to Hong Kong from Taiwan, she managed the haircare category for Greater China. Her career with P&G was a successful and unique one - she was nicknamed the 「Midas touch」 for her ability to turn every brand she touched into a winning market leader.


Despite a thriving career, Virginia believes that her family comes first and therefore left the workforce to take care of her young daughter and son, now four and two years old respectively. She wishes her children to carry on her passion in sports. Her daughter is already playing with a hockey stick at home and accompanies her to field hockey and netball leagues!


Virginia and her family


DGS offers ample opportunities in intellectual development and extra curricular activities which encourage students to explore their self potential. The all round education from DGS has nurtured Virginia to become a strong achiever which she finds to be the key to success in her career and other aspects of life.


To current students, Virginia has the following advice:
「Treasure every moment you have at DGS. The school offers a variety of activities for you to learn which will continue at an even higher level throughout your lifetime. You may not have such opportunities after you leave DGS.」


Audrey Chen & Andrea Lai
Editorial Subcommittee