• DOGA Art Club Porcelain Ware Workshop

    At the DOGA Art Club porcelain ware workshop on 9th September, alumnae and families had a fabulous time designing porcelain mugs and plates. We cut and soaked decal paper, stuck them on mugs and plates,
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  • Ovolo Southside Netfesthk 2018

    The Ovolo Southside Netfesthk 2018 was held on 15 September, 2018 at the Aberdeen Sports Ground. Despite the games being shortened to eight minutes per game due to the approaching of Typhoon Mangkhut, the DOGA
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  • DIY Organic Workshop

    The DIY Organic Workshop was held on 30th June 2018 to kick start the red, hot summer. Alumni, friends and family members formulated their own lip balm, sunscreen and insect repellent with natural ingredients that
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  • 2018 裹糉籌款為公益 COOK FOR LOVE

    The annual dumpling making charity event took place on 15 June 2018, where 24 members together with their family participated once again in the fund-raising activity sponsored by Town Gas. Members gathered in the Home
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News Updates

  • 1 Invitation dinner from DSOBA Medical & Healthcare Chapter
  • 2 DOGA Mentoring Program 2019
  • 3 DGS - Development of Boarding Facilities
  • 4 Congratulations to Mrs Stella Lau JP
  • 5 Events Calendar
  • Diocesan School Old Boys’ Association Medical & Healthcare Chapter

    Dinner with Diocesan Old Girls’ Association


    For alumni of DBS & DGS

    who are medical and healthcare professionals / undergraduates

    Organiser :
    Diocesan Old Boys’ Association Medical & Healthcare Chapter

    Thursday 17th January 2019

    Reception 7.00 pm, Dinner 7.30 pm

    Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong.

    If you are interested to join this dinner, please download and find the details from the registration form at


    or go to https://goo.gl/forms/bxEquWdC7lghpaCR2 to register online.

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  • The window of application for the thirteenth batch of DOGA Mentoring Program is now open! This is a twelve month program for the mentor and mentee to form into a mutually agreed learning partnership based on the career interests of the mentees, which could be face to face meetings, phone conversations, email correspondence or other communication via social network!
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  • Our school has begun on the Development of Boarding Facilities in-situ at DGS to provide accommodation for about 60 students.

    The project comprises renovation of the 9th and 10th floors and the addition of the 11th floor to the existing Main Building to provide accommodation facilities. This project is tentatively scheduled for completion around mid-April 2019.

    The school would like to collect ideas from alumnae to decorate an atrium wall (estimate to be 8.7m x 7.5m) in the new facilities. If you would like to contribute your design, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to indicate your interest and we will send you more details regarding this wall.

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  • DOGA would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our alumna and DGS headmistress, Mrs Stella Lau JP, on her award of the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. The Silver Bauhinia Star is awarded to persons who have taken a leading part in public affairs and/or voluntary work over a long period of time. Mrs Lau is awarded the SBS for her distinguished public service, and in particular, her valuable contribution towards the promotion of interests and well-being of women in Hong Kong.
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  • Upcoming Events

    October 19 DOGA Annual Dinner
    October DOGA Netball League
    November 17 Diocesan Graduate Singers' Concert
    November Medic Group Gathering
    December 13 Mentoring Programme Kick-off
    December 19 DGS Mini-Bazaar
    December Career Talk for Students
    End of Term Netball Match (DOGA vs DGS)
    January 19 Art Club CNY Event
    May 4 Art Club Mother's Day Event
    June 27 Art Club Summer Event

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A Chronological History of Headmistresses at Diocesan Girls' School
1893-1899 Miss Susan Baxter
  Miss Baxter was the first Headmistress of the school. She first arrived here as a missionary with the Female Education Society in 1860. The number of children in the Diocesan Native Female Training School was 30 in 1863.
1899-1921 Miss Elizabeth Skipton
1921-1925 Miss Ferguson
  Miss Ferguson gave the school its motto "Daily Giving Service".
1925-1939 Miss H.D. Sawyer
  Miss Sawyer became Headmistress in 1925 on Miss Ferguson's death. The number of pupils was 222.
1939-1946 Miss E.M. Gibbins
  Miss Gibbins made the study of Chinese compulsory for all but European girls. Miss Gibbins also successfully prevented looting of the school during wartime. The war ended in 1945 and the school was re-opened on October 1st.
1946-1953 Miss A.W. Hurrell
  Though faced with such difficulties as the destruction of the school building, the absence of books and a library, Miss Hurrell was able to continue with the expansion of the existing school buildings, first with the conversion of a large dormitory from the old playshed.
1953-1985 Dr C J Symons
  In March, 1953, Dr. Symons returned as Headmistress having served twice before as Acting Headmistress. The school then numbered 644 from Kindergarten to the Upper Six. Dr. Symons had served the school for 32 years before retiring and returning to England.
1985-1999 Mrs Elim Lau
  Mrs. Elim Lau, an Old Girl of the School, took over as Headmistress from Dr. Symons in 1985.  During her term as Headmistress, she oversaw the completion of the new Building Extension Phase I in 1993 and Phase II in 1996, which allowed the Junior School to expand from 12 to 18 classes with an improved teacher-pupil ratio, and further equipped the Junior School with a new library and various special rooms for effective teaching and learning.  She retired in July 1999, having served the School for 14 years.
1999 to date Mrs Stella Lau
  Mrs. Stella Lau is also an Old Girl of the School.  She took over from Mrs. Elim Lau in September 1999.

A Chronological History of Headmistresses at Diocesan Girls' Junior School
1975-1978 Mrs. Rachel C.A. Benton
  Prior to 1975, the Headmistress of the Senior School also acted as the Headmistress of the Junior School.  With the rebuilding of the Junior School completed in September 1975, Mrs. Rachel C.A. Benton was appointed Headmistress of the Junior School, with Dr. C.J. Symons, then Headmistress of the Senior School, remaining as Supervisor of the Junior School.  Mrs. Benton served as Headmistress of DGJS from September 1975 through August 1978.
1978-1989 Mrs Daphne Blomfield
  Mrs. Blomfield took over from Mrs. Benton in September 1978 and she remained Headmistress of DGJS until her retirement in August 1989.
1989-1999 Mrs Rebecca Yip
  Mrs. Rebecca Yip, an Old Girl of the School, succeeded Mrs. Blomfield as Headmistress of DGJS in September 1989.  She served as Headmistress for 10 years until her retirement on 11th April 1999. During her term as Headmistress, she, together with Mrs. Elim Lau, oversaw the completion of the new Building Extension Phase I in 1993 and Phase II in 1996, which allowed the Junior School to expand from 12 to 18 classes with an improved teacher-pupil ratio, and further equipped the Junior School with a new library and various special rooms for effective teaching and learning.
1999 to 2016 Mrs Emily Dai
  Mrs. Emily Dai took over from Mrs. Rebecca Yip as Headmistress of DGJS on 12th April 1999. She is also an Old Girl of the School. During her time as Headmistress, she oversaw the redevelopment of the Junior School which was completed in 2011. Mrs. Dai had served the school for 18 years before retiring in December 2016.
2017 to date Mrs Annie Lee
  Mrs. Annie Lee succeeded Mrs. Emily Dai as Headmistress of DGJS in January 2017. Prior to this new position, she had served DGS for close to 20 years and was Deputy Headmistress of the Senior School.


  • MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES: Life Member: Anyone who has completed at least one academic year at DGS/DGJS and has attained the age Read More
  • The Dr. C. J. SYMONS SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1985 by the Diocesan Old Girls’ Association in honour of Dr. Read More
  • We are very pleased that the School has now moved back to a brand new campus in 1Jordan Road with Read More
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