Aquatics Club


We are very pleased that the School has now moved back to a brand new campus in 1
Jordan Road with much improved facilities, including an all-weather 25m swimming
pool located at basement level.

The good news is that the swimming pool is open for use by DOGA members (and
non-members for a higher fee) outside normal school hours. To do this, you must join
the DGS Aquatics Club which is run by the School.

You can join individually or as a family and membership is on an annual basis. Please
submit your applications to DGS Aquatics Club Membership, Diocesan Girls’ School,
1 Jordan Road, Kowloon. Please call the School’s General Office at 2277 9100 if you
have any queries.

The D.O.G.A. Sports Sub-committee will be planning swim events during the course
of this year so watch this space!

Link to DGS Aquatics Club Website

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